Pick the platform that’s right for you

Jottacloud for Windows and Mac

Sync. Share. Backup.

  • Back up any folder on your computer
  • Synchronize files between your computers
  • Collaborate on folders
Jottacloud for Desktop
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Windows Mac

Jottacloud for iPhone & iPad

Access your files anywhere

  • Access to all your files
  • Send large files on the go
  • Browse photos and documents
Jottacloud for iOS
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iPhone & iPad

Jottacloud for Android

The easiest way to synchronize your Android device

  • Autosync Contacts, Photos, Videos and more
  • Restore to a new device
  • Access Everywhere
Jottacloud for Android
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5 GB

Unlimited devices

Free Forever









20 GB to 500 GB

Unlimited devices

20 GB

$1.7 / month

50 GB

$3.4 / month

100 GB

$6.0 / month

500 GB

$29.2 / month


Unlimited GB

Pay per device


$6 / month


$1.70 / month