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We are growing – and hiring!

Software developers, sysadmin, AI expert and CRM wanted

Jottacloud is growing, and we are searching for people to join our team in Oslo.

About Jottacloud

Jottacloud is a cloud storage service that lets you back up, sync and share files. We recently launched Jottacloud Photos – a super fast service that organizes all your photos.

We are approaching 1 million users and we run on hundreds of servers that handle billions of files and tens of petabytes. We have a small but efficient team where the focus is on results rather than formalities and overhead.

We are currently looking for:

  • Mobile Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Operations Engineer
  • Community and CRM Manager
  • AI and Image Recognition Expert

Common for all positions are that we value hands-on experience over education. Higher education is a plus, but not a requirement unless explicitly stated.

Backend Developer

Full time. Looking for a backend software engineer with a flair for quality and innovation.
Main requirement is that you’re a Java expert and love to code. And that you code well.

At Jottacloud you’ll mainly be developing new modules in a highly distributed system, plus maintaining existing modules when needed.
This is a position that allows a lot of freedom, influence and responsibility – both when it comes to development and choice of technologies and methods.

Our backend is based on microservices, including REST-API to apps, file storage backends, partner integration, image progressing, CRM ++. The services interact through message queues and/or internal REST APIs – which yield a great lot of flexibility and simplicity.

A few of the technologies you’ll meet working here:

  • Languages: Java, Python, GoLang
  • Databases: MySQL, Cassandra, Redis
  • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, JAX-RS, Dropwizard, Maven
  • Environment: Kanban, Linux, Git

You should have:

  • 3+ years job experience with Java
  • Master or Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Be engaged and like to involve yourself in discussions and decisions
  • Write structures code with high quality
  • Feel proud when you finish a feature and put it into production

Apply to this position through this form

Mobile Developer

Full time. Talented developer with mobile development experience or a big interest in mobile. A person who likes technical challenges and loves to create high performing and user friendly mobile apps!

As a mobile developer in Jottacloud you will get to:

  • Work with the latest mobile technology
  • Develop our in-house native apps
  • Work closely with other mobile and backend developers
  • Influence on decisions regarding technology, functionality and features

We are looking for a developer with a passion for mobile. You should have experience from creating Android apps and if you also have experience from iOS or want experience with iOS as well, we would love to talk to you!

Android app:
Native Android app written in Java. Gradle and Android Studio. Retrofit, Glide, SQLite, ButterKnife, ExoPlayer, Rebound, EventBus, Fabric, Crashlytics, (Firebase). Our newest Android app, Jottacloud Photos: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=no.jottacloud.jottacloudphotos

iOS app:
Native iOS app written in Swift. Xcode and CocoaPods. Networking, Upload, Background execution, Alamofire, SnapKit, Core Data, Fabric, Crashlytics, (Firebase). Our newest iOS app, Jottacloud Photos: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jottacloud-photos/id1055315751

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Operations Engineer

Are you our new Sysadmin / Ops engineer / SRE ?

We are looking for an experienced systems / networks administrator that wants to work in a small, fast paced team, managing all of Jottacloud’s infrastructure. That’s 2 datacentres, 10Gbit/s incoming traffic, 30 PB storage, 400 servers, lots of Docker containers, and a bunch of networking gear. All of our infrastructure is based on open source technology, apart from dedicated load balancers (F5 Big-IP), and switches from Juniper. We don’t mind if you’re not intimate with all of the tech we rely on, but you have to be hungry for knowledge and a fast learner.

You should have experience with management and configuration of:

  • Loadbalancers from F5 Big-IP
  • Switches from Juniper running Junos
  • Including switching / routing protocols : (R)SPT, OSPF, BGP
  • Ubuntu / Debian based operating systems
  • Container management systems like Kubernetes / Rancher / Swarm
  • Virtual machines with KVM
  • Configuration management using Puppet / Saltstack (or others)
  • System provisioning with Foreman / Cobbler / Ubuntu MAAS
  • Distributed storage with GlusterFS and CEPH
  • MySQL / Percona / database clusters
  • Cassandra / Redis NoSQL clusters

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Community and Customer Relations Manager

Digital Marketing / CRM Manager

We are looking for someone to plan and deliver CRM strategies across the company, encouraging customer retention and customer loyalty. Your job will be to develop our direct sales channel through digital marketing, and to develop and refine our customer base of over 730,000 + customers.

We are looking for:

  • Strong digital marketing skills
  • Experience from CRM work
  • Analytical and result oriented
  • Experience in converting freemium users
  • Strong social media skills
  • Excellent communication skills

Apply to this position through this form

Image Recognition and AI Expert

Full time. We are looking for an AI and Image Recognition expert to help develop future improvements to our services. AI and deep learning will be an essential part of our products and services.

You have knowledge of neural networks, machine learning and ai libraries such as TensorFlow, Caffe and Theano + excellent coding skills.

You will be working on:

  • Image recognition
  • Object and text detection
  • Face detection and recognition/grouping
  • Image quality score

Submit your application in Norwegian or English through this form.

We hope to hear from you!

A brand new photo experience

You capture more photos and videos than ever, but organizing and storing them can be a major headache. Photos are stored on computers, phones, tablets and memory cards. The photo mess is growing out of control!

To solve this problem we have launched a brand new product that we call Jottacloud Photos.


Jottacloud Photos will back up, discover and organize a lifetime of photos. You can create albums with friends, who can add their own favorite photos.

Photos and videos are organized in one place. No matter if they are uploaded from a PC, Mac or phone. Now you see all your photos in one place.


Back up your photos and videos

Everyone needs secure photo storage. Jottacloud Photos keeps your photos and videos safe with unlimited storage. All your photos will be stored in Norway. We keep your original image size and quality, of course.

Since we keep all your photos organized, it is simple to rediscover a lifetime of memories. You can easily scroll months and years back in time, right on your phone. It’s super fast!

You are allways in control of your photos.



Automatically organized

Photos are organized by time and place. And you can create your own albums of photos for important events in your life.

Create albums with your friends. Any one of your friends can contribute their own faves. Sharing is fun and private.



Free up space on your phone

Storage on your phone is expencive. And it is hard to keep track of which photos and videos you have backed up. Jottacloud Photos can free up space by deleting local versions of your photos that have been backed up already.

Original quality

We support a wide range of RAW formats, perfect for photo enthusiasts. But more important, we do not reduce original file size or quality on your photos, no matter if they are 25 mega pixel or 4K video.

Full control

You can easily see what photos and videos have been backed up and not, right on your phone.


Jottacloud Photos is included with all Jottacloud subscriptions. Photos you have already backed up are automatically organized by time and place, so that you can rediscover all your memories.

If you would like to try out Jottacloud Photos, it is available for iOS, Android and Web.

We think you will experience that many of the frustrations of organizing, sharing and storing photos have been removed.

Your photos are always safely stored and available, no matter where you are.

Download the iOS app from the App Store.

Download the Android app from Google Play.

Tell us what you like and dislike, and give us a rating.


Help test our new Photo service


We know you love your photos. And you have a lot of them. At the time of writing, you have uploaded over 4 billion photos and videos to Jottacloud.

That’s why we are now developing a brand new user-experience for viewing and sharing photos.


We are now in a a closed beta-testing phase of Jottacloud Photo, and we hope that you want to help us with the testing of the new user-experience.

Please click https://photos.jottacloud.com to sign up for the beta-test, or read on…

Bugs can be expected – please put on your safety goggles!

Here are some of the features that are currently in beta:

  • All your photos, from all your devices, shown in a single timeline
  • You can now organize your photos in albums
  • Sharing photos and albums has never been easier
  • Invite friends to add their photos to your shared albums
  • Albums are automatically created based on the location of where the photos were taken
  • Jottacloud Photos support most RAW file formats
  • No limits on file size or resolution

Nice-to-know before getting started with the beta-testing:

  • We are only beta-testing the web application, we will start testing the mobile apps at a later time
  • Jottacloud Photos is not tested in all browser, so errors will most likely occur
  • Users with huge amounts of photos might encounter performance issues

We are accepting new testers at a slow and steady pace at the moment. Please be patient if it takes a little while before you are accepted into our beta-test.

Here’s how you can become a beta-tester:

  • Click Jottacloud Photo and log into your account
  • Click the button “Try Jottacloud Photos
  • Wait your turn, we will start to automatically build your photo library

You will receive an email when the service is ready to use.

Please remember to give us feedback on what you like and don’t like about the new service. Is there anything that is illogical or could be done in a better way, we want to know! Most of all, we are keen on getting feedback after a couple of days of testing, when you can tell us why, how and when you used the app.

Good luck, and thanks in advance for helping us with testing Jottacloud Photos!

500.000 users – and a Canary

Yesterday Jottacloud reached a major milestone with 500.000 users.

We are super happy about the progress our service is making, and we would like to thank all of you for making it possible!

Today we are publishing a Warrent Canary for Jottacloud.

We believe in transparency regarding requests made for our users’ nonpublic information. So we have implemented policies on how we handle warrants and subpoenas.

What is a Warrant Canary, and how does it work?

The idea behind a warrant canary: if the government comes to us with legal demands that we can’t talk about, there is nothing we can do to inform our users. We can, however, suddenly stop saying everything is okay.

Hence the “canary” (as in “canary in a coal mine”) name. Miners weren’t worried about carbon monoxide when the canaries chirped; they were worried when the chirping stopped.

Read about Warrant Canary on Wikipedia

Each week we will publish an updated statement, if no warrents have been received. If we stop updating this document, our users can assume that we have been served with a secret warrant. The statement is

As of September 15th, 2015 we have received 0 warrants to disclose user files.

Check out Jottacloud’s Warrant Canary

OS X version 10.5 and 10.6 – End of Life

Jottacloud on on Mac’s with version 10.6 of OS X will stop receiving updates as of the next version ( This includes new features, security fixes and stability updates.

If you are not sure what version of OS X your Mac run’s, go to the Apple icon top left corner and click About this Mac. The Version number should appear.

If you allready have Jottacloud installed, you can still use Jottacloud, however it will no longer be auto-updated.

While we understand this is an inconvenience, this change was made to ensure we can continue to deliver a safe, secure, and stable Jottacloud for the most Mac users possible.

Security Notification: Disabling SSLv3

As you know, a number of news sources, corporations and the OpenSSL team reported that version 3 of Secure Sockets Layer (SSLv3) is vulnerable at the protocol level.

We are disabling SSLv3 in the first week of december.

Please update your Jottacloud app if you are using an outdated version. Apps older than April 14. might be affected by this change.

There’s no impact for users using the latest versions of Jottacloud on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

Thank you for understanding.

Jottacloud no longer supports PPC Mac’s

Jottacloud on on Mac’s with the Power PC processor will stop receiving updates as of the next version ( This includes new features, security fixes and stability updates.

If you are not sure what processor you are on, go to the Apple icon top left corner and click About this Mac. The processor type should say PPC if this affects you.

If you allready have Jottacloud installed, you can still use Jottacloud, however it will no longer be auto-updated.

While we understand this is an inconvenience, this change was made to ensure we can continue to deliver a safe, secure, and stable Jottacloud for the most Mac users possible.

Improved Public Links

We have improved our public links feature with better browsing of photos and a convenient “Download all” button.

Public links now work great both on desktop and mobile.

URL-photo1 URL-photo2

We hope you enjoy our new public links improvements.

Unlimited storage for ALL your devices

We don’t think you should worry about increasing costs as you add photos, videos and documents to the cloud.

We previously, along with many other cloud storage services, had a complex price model with many variables such as storage space, number of devices and multiple price levels.

Back then, the need was only to back up a single computer.

Today the needs have changed. Our users have several computers, tablets and smartphones. That is why we have added features to synchronize and share your files and folders.

We are introducing a new simple and consumer friendly price model. Starting today, individual users can get unlimited storage and unlimited number of devices for a fixed low price.

We will start offering the new Jottacloud Unlimited plan today:

Jottacloud FREE

5 GB storage space.
Unlimited devices.

Jottacloud Unlimited – $ 9.90,- per month

Unlimited storage space.
Unlimited devices.

We are discontinuing the Jottacloud Plus subscription.

I allready have the old unlimited subscription. How can I get the new unlimited subscription?

If you are a subscriber of the old Jottacloud Unlimited plan, you can get the new plan by upgrading your subscription at the My Account page.

If you want to continue using the old subscription, you can still do that for a while longer. Within a year or so we will automatically move customers over to the new subscription.

When can I start using the new subscription?

The new subscription is available today.

New user? Get Jottacloud Unlimited

Eksisting user? Upgrade to this new subscription

More information about Jottacloud is available in our Help Centerr.

Updating our Terms of Use

We have updated our Terms of Use to reflect our new prices and subscriptions. The updates will be effective on July 26, 2014. To help you understand the changes we have written a small summary for you.

We have changed the referencing name of Paid accounts to Individual accounts.

We have rewritten paragraph 15, “Fair and acceptable use”.

Under paragraph 17, “Changes to Service and Terms and Conditions”, we are now more clear that we will notify 30 days before making changes to the Terms of Use. Notifications will be sent via email.

Please read the full Terms of Use.

The fox and the company’s geese

If you, as a manager in a company or an organisation, are responsible for looking after a flock of geese, would you delegate the responsibility to a fox?

Hopefully you wouldn’t. However, this is actually a common approach amongst many managers who are in charge of protecting sensitive and confidential business data.

Edward Snowden’s revelations about the PRISM-programme show that US authorities, through the USA Patriot Act, can access any information they want when it is stored with US-owned companies and their overseas subsidiaries.

Worryingly, they do not require a court order to do so.

Two days ago, Edward Snowden also confirmed that the US National Security Agency is also engaged in industrial espionage towards private corporations, even though it is not a matter of national security.

That’s also why you should ask yourself the following question: Can you live with the uncertainty that US authorities may be spying on your company’s trade secrets, patents, technologies and maybe even stock sensitive information that you store in the cloud?

In Jottacloud we believe the answer to this question is “no”. That’s why we have developed a business solution that is covered by the same privacy guarantee that all our users – individuals and businesses – is protected by.

Jottacloud for business


The newly developed Jottacloud for Business offers back-up of your employees’ computers and mobile phones, as well as full synchronization and file sharing between their laptop, tablet PCs and smartphones.

It enables colleagues to easily share and collaborate on the same files regardless of where in the world they are located.

Additionally, Jottacloud for Business offers a status dashboard where you can generate status report, traffic data reports and a combined invoice for all users. Business customers also have access to a dedicated support service.


Skjermbilde 2014-01-27 kl. 22.08.08

Jottacloud is a Norwegian company with Norwegian owners, and we operate under Norwegian privacy laws. This means that no fox will be let in amongst your geese unless you have personally given it permission to do so – or it has presented a court order from a Norwegian court.

iOS: Automatic Camera Upload

We recently redesigned and overhauled our iOS app with new features. And now we are making it even better. For a campaign period you get 10 GB extra for trying it out.

Keep your memories safe

Now, all the photos and videos on your iPhone and iPad are automatically uploaded to Jottacloud.

All you need to do is turn on Camera Upload, and Jottacloud does the rest.

If you need full control over data traffic costs, Jottacloud lets you specify that uploads are only allowed over WIFI networks.

Jottacloud for iOS will upload photos and videos as fast as possible in the background.

Turn on Camera Upload and get 10 GB for free

Download the app and turn on Camera Upload, and we will give you 10 GB storage space for free during our campaign period - in addition to the 5 GB you get for signing up. Users activating Camera Upload after the campaign ends on June 2015 will still get 2 GB extra storage space.

World Class Privacy

Jottacloud is Norwegian. All your files are stored on NSA-free servers in Norway, protected by our unique Privacy Guarantee.

Jottacloud for iOS 7

Today we’re introducing a new version of Jottacloud for iPhone and iPad for iOS 7, with a new design that looks and works great on iOS 7. The update is also compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 5.


You can download this update from the App Store

In addition to these updates for Jottacloud for iPhone and iPad, there are some new features:

  • Access to the Jottacloud sync folder
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Upload files from other apps
  • Swipe file or folder to reveal more options
  • Share folders with friends and colleagues
  • Send large files with email
  • Copy files
  • Create folders
  • Delete files and folders
  • Browse photos
  • Browse documents and PDF´s

We are hiring

If you are looking to have a large impact at a rapidly growing company, and you want to work with talented colleagues on tough problems that affect customers all over the world. Then we are looking for you.

Software Engineer – Backend

As a backend software engineer you will be responsible for building and maintaining our backend REST clusters, creating killer NodeJS webapps and controlling Petabytes of distributed storage.

Your work will be mainly done in Java and JavaScript, but you will touch on the Python and Go languages as well.

You will work with both SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, Cassandra and Redis, and you will make Big Data searchable using Elasticsearch.

Your focus will be security, performance and scalability, and you will be deploying code with the push of a button in our super-short development-to-production cycle.

You will report directly to our CTO, and work with our engineering and operations teams.

Send an email to jobs@jottacloud.com to apply for the position.

Software Engineer – Client

As a client software engineer you will be responsible for building and maintaining our cross plattform Desktop client software for Windows and Mac OS X.

You will also work on creating a port of the client software for Linux.

Your work will mainly be done in C++ and the QT framework, but you will also touch on the Python and Go languages as well.

Together with our engineering team you will build new features and add encryption and modern security measures.

The client to server communication is done using REST API’s and websocket communication.

Send an email to jobs@jottacloud.com to apply for the position.

Working at Jottacloud

Jottacloud is a Norwegian cloud service that lets you back up, synchronize, browse and share all your files across your computers and smart phones.

With servers powered by green energy, located in Norway, we offer world class privacy for people and businesses around the world.

Our office is located in down-town Oslo.

How we work

We tackle hard problems at scale. Everything we do at Jottacloud affects houndres of thousands of users and PetaBytes of data.

Our engineering team is passionate about building great products with awesome technology.

What we build

In short, we build our own products.

We are building infrastructure to store and handle billions of files and petabytes of user data.

We build mobile apps for uploading, sharing and accessing your files.

We build desktop apps that let you back up and collaborate on folders with friends and colleagues.

What we offer

We offer a competitive salary, 5 weeks vacation, insurance, lunch, flexible working hours and challenging tasks.

The Jottacloud engineering team is an awesome team where you can make a difference.

This is your opportunity to drive innovation within a rapidly growing industry.

Shoot us an email if you have what it takes.

Green is Good

Jottacloud is powered by servers. Lots of servers with immense storage capacity.

As we continuously expand our infrastructure to handle our customers ever-increasing demand for capacity, we also understand the need for our customers to store and share with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We know our customers care about the environment, and so do we.

Running servers, networks and cooling it all down demands lots of energy.

That energy is mostly generated from coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear. According to the IEA, these sources account for more than 90% of energy supply. As we all know these are non-sustainable, scarce and polluting.

The Greenpeace Dirty Data Report from 2011 paints a rather dark picture:

So, we decided to make an effort to change how we operate.

Even though about 99 % of all energy produced in Norway is clean hydro energy, derived from the beautiful steep mountains and deep fjords, the energy mix in the power-grid is a combination of all the energy produced in Northern Europe.

How can we make sure that we run Jottacloud on clean energy?

Through a cooperation with ECOHZ, a Norwegian based company guaranteeing the origin of energy, we can run our servers on renewable hydropower.

The guarantees of origin are in addition certified through the European labeling system called EKOenergy.

EKOenergy is the first pan-European ecolabel. In short it guarantees that the power comes from power plants with the highest environment standards.

So that’s what we did. We now have certified origin of power from “Harpefossen”; power generated from a waterfall in one of Norway’s largest rivers, namely Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Jottacloud is now 100 % powered by clean hydro energy, which means your files, photos, movies and any other stuff you like to store and share is too. Green is Good. Green Works.

With love from the high north!

It’s your stuff – guaranteed!

Most of the big cloud storage players in the world are U.S.-based. You may think that your files are safe and private when stored with the big guys. Well, you may be wrong.

Yes, some of these companies have a local subsidiary that store data in European datacenters, but the problem is this:

U.S. law enforcement could use the USA PATRIOT Act on a U.S.-based organisation, like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox or Amazon, for example, to force its local subsidiary companies across the world into handing over user data to U.S. authorities.

With the recent revelations made by Edward Snowden, of the PRISM program run by the U.S government, this threat seems bigger and more frightening than ever.

Jottacloud is a Norwegian company with Norwegian owners, and we operate under Norwegian privacy laws. We store all your files in Norway.

As a result, our users are protected against U.S. legislation, which arguably infringe the freedom and liberties of both U.S and non-U.S. citizens.

That makes Jottacloud great for people who want an alternative to U.S. based cloud services like SkyDrive, Dropbox and iCloud.

With our unique position, located in Norway, we are now issuing a guarantee for your privacy. Starting today, this is our Privacy Guarantee:

The Jottacloud Privacy Guarantee

  • We will store your data in Norway, or a country with similar or stricter privacy laws
  • We will operate under Norwegian jurisdiction
  • We will not monitor what you store on Jottacloud
  • We will not hand over user data to authorities unless a warrant issued by the Norwegian court of law is presented
  • We will not exchange, store or process user data at a third party service like Amazon
  • Our employees will not open, access or read your files without your written consent
  • Our employees must sign non-disclosure agreements
  • We will delete all your user data when you terminate your account

We care about privacy. In Norway, privacy stands firm like the mighty mountains of Jotunheimen. In the U.S, on the other hand, privacy rights seem to float like the Mississippi river.

It’s your stuff and it’s safe! Jottacloud guarantees it! And our servers are powered by green energy – Jottacloud guarantees that as well. Be safe!

Jottacloud version 3

Version 3 of Jottacloud adds synchronization between computers and folder sharing with your friends.

New! The Jottacloud sync folder

Version 3 will create a new folder called Jottacloud on your computer. The Jottacloud sync folder is a unique folder that is automatically synchronized to all your computers.

Files are synchronized immediately when they are saved to your hard drive. This way your files are up to date on all your computers.

It lets you start work on a document in your office and finish it when you get home. The document is automatically updated on all your computers.
Learn more

Download: Jottacloud version 3

Watch video: How to upgrade to version 3

New! Share folders with others

Keep your team, organization or group in sync.

You can turn any sub-folder of the Jottacloud sync folder into a shared workspace.

When you add or change a file, it is instantly synchronized to all the members of a shared folder.

You can invite as many people you like to a shared folder.
Learn more

Watch: How to share a folder


The existing backup feature lets you safely back up any folder on your computer to the cloud. Upgrading to version 3 does not change your settings.

We recommend that everybody upgrade to version 3 of Jottacloud. Download here

Building the next version of Jottacloud

We have just reached 200.000 users, and we are now planning on making Jottacloud available to even more people.

We are one of few cloud storage services that offer truly unlimited storage space. Recently PC World gave us a “Best in Test” review for our user friendly and super fast cloud service.

A few months ago we launched Jottacloud for Android. Automatic sync of your Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos and Text messages to the cloud for your Android devices. Almost 20.000 users have installed the app so far.

Our users are uploading 3 million files every day, and we are storing over 4 Petabytes of user data.

New version: Sync & Share

The market space for cloud synchronization and sharing is dominated by US based players. There is no great alternative for European users who wants world class privacy and super fast transfer speeds.

This is where Jottacloud fits in: Sync, Share and Backup. Safely stored in Norway.

We are getting ready to launch version 3 of Jottacloud:

Synchronize files between your computers New in version 3

The Jottacloud sync folder is a unique folder that is automatically synchronized to all your computers.

It lets you start work on a document in your office and finish it when you get home. The document is automatically updated on all your computers.

No more emailing files to your own inbox. Your files are always with you.

Collaborate with friends and colleagues New in version 3

Jottacloud shared folders lets you and your friends collaborate on the same files.

You can invite multiple friends to a shared folder.

When someone joins a shared folder, the folder is created on their computer. All changes made to the shared folder is automatically synchronized to you and your friends.

Version 3 is just around the corner. We are adding multi computer sync and folder sharing beteween friends.

Stay tuned…

News: Autosync for Android

We are making it super easy to synchronize your phone to the cloud. Jottacloud for Android is here.

Did you know that more than half of us now takes more photographs with our phones than with a digital camera?

And every day, more and more people are loosing their phone. Contacts, irreplaceable photos and videos are lost. For ever.

Now it is super easy to keep everything on your phone safe.


Automatic synchronization

Inside the app, you simply choose what to synchronize.

Jottacloud let’s you synchronize Contacts, Photos, Music, Videos and Text Messages.

Immediately after you take a photograph or shoot a video, it is synchronized to the cloud. Automatically.


Get it all back if you loose your phone

You can of course get everything back when you need it. Either if you have lost your phone, or you have just bought the new phone you allways wanted.

Det er like lett som å synkronisere. Bare velg hva du vil tilbakestille, så gjør Jottacloud resten.

Access everything

You get access to all your files on Jottacloud. Right on your phone.

Browse, search, view photos and download files. You can also share files while you are on the go. Forget heavy attachements. Jottacloud for Android lets you share links rather than files.


Special Offer: Get 10 GB extra storage for Free

As an introduction offer, we are giving all new and existing Jottacloud users 10 GB extra storage space for free when you install and use the app.

This is in addition to the 5 GB you get for signing up to Jottacloud.

Customers who has already bought an unlimited plan for PC or Mac will get the Mobile plan at 50 % off.

The offer expires November 30th.

Remember to keep your phone safe!

Read more about the app here

Download Jottacloud for Android here

Jotta is now Jottacloud

This week we are relaunching Jotta as Jottacloud.
With a new design, new logo and new name.


The last year we have evolved from an online backup service to a cloud service. Now we are relaunching as Jottacloud to reflect the changes in our service.

The cloud is all about access, sharing and synchronization. Going forward we will commit even further to this. Wether you are on your computer, tablet or phone, you always have your files with you at all times.

Today we are rolling out Jottacloud, and here is a taste of what we are changing.

Jottacloud for PC and MAC

The new desktop client have been improved and a fresh new look.

The first thing you will notice is that you can browse the recent changed files, shared files and Trash can right in the client.

The desktop client has a new app icon and tray icon.


We have made several improvements to our web application.

We have organized shortcuts for recently changed files, shared files and trash can in a better way.

We have made it easier to navigate folders by adding bread crumbs above the file list.

We have improved our upgrade process. You can now easily up- and downgrade between different plans, and you can easily change between yearly and monthly subscriptions.

iPhone and iPad

Our iOS app has got a makeover as well.

In addition to a new design and new app icon, you can navigate recently changed files, shared files and trash can.

A lot of people have asked for better photo browsing, and now you get thumbnails and photos optimized for the retina display.

Prices and plans

We have added some new plans, and lowered our prices.

Exlore our prices and plans

Jottacloud is super easy cloud storage. Your files are securely stored in Norway and always available.

Check out our new home page.

Jotta Turns One!


Jotta Online Backup turns one today, and in the year since we launched the site, a lot has happened.

We started out with a windows only client that made backups easy and automatic.

In May this year we released version 1.5 of our client software for Mac OS X. The software was rewritten from the ground up using the QT framework, giving us a platform independent code base.

We’ve also added some of the most requested features from our users. Like the exclude folders feature, and the option to include hidden files and folders. Perhaps the biggest one was adding support for backing up one NAS drive on your unlimited subscription.

We are happy to say that we now have users from 27 countries around the world, and that our user base is growing rapidly.

There is still plenty for us to do. We are working on solutions for mobile platforms, starting with iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, and we are getting a lot of requests from small businesses that needs an affordable and easy to use backup service.

We have started our partner affiliate program and only yesterday launched our co-branded service with PC World Norway, called PC World Sikker lagring.

The whole idea is to make backup of documents, music, photos and videos as easy and painless as possible.

We’ve only just begun!

Nearly 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years

An analysis of reported laptop failures made published by SquareTrade analyzed failure rates for over 30,000 new laptop computers covered by SquareTrade Laptop Warranty plans and found that one-third of all laptops will fail within 3 years.

SquareTrade also found that netbooks are 20% more unreliable than other
laptops, and that Asus and Toshiba are the most reliable laptop brands.

Download the PDF from SquareTrade

We are live!

Say hello to Jotta. Online backup with unlimited storage.

We are live!

We just launched our new service. Currently, only the Norwegian site is up and running, but our english site wil follow soon.

Check us out: http://www.jotta.no