Unlimited storage for your photos

Keep all your photos and videos in one place, safely stored

Photos is included with all Jottacloud subscriptions.

Protect and rediscover your memories

Keep your photos and videos safe with storage that fits your needs. All your photos will be stored in Norway. We keep your original image size and quality, of course.

View your photos anywhere

We organize photos and videos from all your devices. Whether they are on a Mac, PC or phone, now you get to see everything in one place.

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Share with friends and family

Create albums with your friends. Any one of your friends can contribute their own faves. Sharing is fun and private.

Safe and secure storage

All your photos will be stored in Norway under strict privacy laws.

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Backup any type of file, for free

With a Jottacloud account you will also get access to Jottacloud’s file backup and sync service.

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